Orlando Nightclub Fires Me from My Photographer Job

This morning, I received a phone call saying I was let go as photographer for Beacham Nightclub. As I say Beacham, this includes Aero, The Patio, The Social and 64 North. At the bottom of this blog post, the reader will see the offending photo that got me fired.

Last Saturday, I posted the photo on Facebook. After that, I tagged someone in the photo. Then, that person shared the image on his Facebook page.

I guess that’s when Beacham managers or whomever saw the photo.

Later that day, I received a phone call to take it down. I did as told.

After that, I thought things were cool. Yet, the phone call I received this morning proved things weren’t cool.

Looking from the Beacham’s point of view, I guess they figured having me around was going to be a liability. Even after telling me they wanted positive photos, I guess they feared me continuing posting photos of drunk dudes being carried out of the establishment by security. I guess they feared images like that were going to ruin their image. Truth be known, I understand that, especially seeing that I posted the logo on the pic.

By the way, the logo was somewhat of an accident. Until you click on the pic, you don’t see the logo. When I uploaded the pic on Facebook, I forgot the logo was on.

Time to move on, no use wasting energy fueling anger over the situation. Shit happens.

The Beacham 7-14-2017 227
Drunk guy being carried out of Orlando’s The Beacham.  Posting this on Facebook got my ass booted as the photographer.

21 thoughts on “Orlando Nightclub Fires Me from My Photographer Job”

  1. Patrick,
    I followed you and your work for years in this town and that’s some bullshit! I will not go into any further details of these establishments and their practices but keep your chin up and move forward into a positive light.

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  2. I’m so saddened to hear this. I can understand their viewpoint but dang mann smh. We are going to miss you so much.


  3. Wow…..if anything this only shows the staff caring enough about the patrons. Their biggest problem isn’t you,Stone…..its over pouring bartenders serving alcohol to people who are clearly drunk. They better fix that before someone kills innocent folks.


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