Booty, Three Orlando Nightspots, Various Races of Women

The Booty Pics Month

So far, last month is my biggest moment for booty pics. All of this came as somewhat a surprise. Yet, some folks said it was my reputation proceeding me. All of it happened in Orlando.

First, it started during the last week in November. At The Imperial at Washburn, these two ladies bought my photo and poetry book Three Orlando Nightspots.

On another night, I saw the group Bad Santa and the Angry Elves at The Hideaway. I was hesitant to ask Tushy Elf for a booty pic. Yet, when I asked anyway, she was all for it.

During a photo assignment for Orlando Weekly, a dear friend offered me a booty pics pose. For the record, she’s African-American.

Another night, I photographed in a studio for the first time.

On another night, I attended another Bad Santa event. This was at Will’s Pub. Here, another woman volunteered a booty pose.

Last but not least, another friend volunteered a booty pose at Lil Indies. The focus screwed-up on this one. Fuck it, I’ll post it anyway.

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