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Punisher Costume Worn by Hot Black Woman

Sexy babe aiming toy gun at viewer in an Orlando nightclub.

This photo has been one of my all-time favorites, a sexy black woman dressed as The Punisher! Before this, I have seen women of color dressed as white female characters. That isn’t anything new. Yet, this woman chose to dress as a white male character. Actually, he’s Sicilian. A violent Sicilian from the comic books.

The Punisher first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #129. The publication date was February 1974. Nowadays, folks may know The Punisher from the Netflix series.

Of course, this cutie ain’t exactly dressed as Frank Castle AKA The Punisher. She’s wearing her own interpretation of the character.

I had photographed the young lady before. I photographed her with friends. I always remembered her smiling.

During this Halloween night, I just happen to pass by her in the nightclub’s lobby. I forgot what words of excitement I said to her. Yet, I knew I had to photograph her. I took two pics. This is the second one. Holding up the gun was her idea.

This pic is in the photo book Nightclub Womenz.

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