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Showing Tongue and Hugging Her Friend

One young woman hugging another woman in a Downtown Orlando nightspot.

I took two photos of them. The first photo contained a waste up pose. She hugged her friend in that pic also.

The second photo is what you see now.

An interesting thing about this pic. It’s in my photo book Three Orlando Nightspots. The book contains twenty-five pics of nightlife women. Some pics are solo portraits. Some are two-person shots. Also, some are group shots.

In all, fifty women are in this book.

Recently, I had been uploading these pics to Facebook. Actually, I uploaded them with other nightspot photos.

Let’s say someone uploads a photo of you to Facebook. When that happens, Facebook alerts you to it.

Let us also you say want to tag the photo. But the person who uploaded the pic isn’t your Facebook friend.

You can still tag the pic. Yet, the owner of the pic has to allow it.

Out of all the fifty women in my photo book, the young woman on the left is the only one who tagged a pic. All the photos are on Facebook. Yet, she was the only who tagged a photo.

I ain’t complaining. I just thought that was interesting.

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