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Blonde’s Deep Cleavage Diving

Blonde and a possible Latina at an Orlando rooftop bar.

As you see the two women, you don’t see the two guys they were with. First, this scenario was instigated by the blonde. Yet, the two dudes continued encouraging them.

I photographed the ladies three times. What you see now is the third pic.

There’s an interesting thing about this photo. I used to photograph nightclubs drunk. Well, at least, close to it. Blame that on the discounted booze prices I received. Plus patrons bought me alcohol also.

This night was different. I took the photo sober.

Before this, I had spent a week in the hospital. I had pneumonia. Also, I found out about my extremely high blood pressure, gout and high cholesterol. Those diagnoses lead me to quit drinking.

So, unlike past nightclub photos, there I was at this spot photographing a crazy scenario sober. Because of that, this pic will always be one of my favorites.

This picture is from the photo book Three Orlando Nightspots.

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