Booty, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Mi Vida Loca Tattoo

A woman is bending over. She has Mi Vida Loca on her back.

In a Downtown Orlando spot, an artist friend was having an art opening.

Throughout my time there, I kept looking at a dark haired woman. In all honesty, I was looking at her big booty. On her right cheek was something that looked like a musical note.

I didn’t have a camera. Yet, I did have my iPhone.

I told my artist friend I wanted to photograph the woman. I really wanted to photograph the musical note, but I didn’t express that.

My friend introduced me to her. Also, he told her I was a booty man. Then, he said assume the position.

The young woman bent over. Then, I saw the Mi Vida Loca tattoo.

She’s Hispanic? I thought.

Because my artist friend was Hispanic, that could’ve been the case.

I just know I got a good pic,

By the way, Mi Vida Loca means my crazy life.

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