Ebony/Black Women, Girls Night Out

Three Ebony Beauties in Nightclub’s Lobby

Three Black women posing in a Downtown Orlando nightclub.

I ran across these three lovelies in the lobby. At first, I took a crappy candid shot of them dancing. For some reason, it overexposed. Parts of the image was blown out.

At the time, I owned a Canon 10D. When it came to black clothing, the camera was notorious for blown out images. The cutie on the right is wearing a black shirt. That may have been the cause.

Usually, when I saw black clothing, I would underexpose the image. That usually worked.

I don’t remember adjusting the exposure. Yet, I did take two more photos of these ladies. The first photo was from the waist up. The second photo was full body.

In the second photo, one of them wasn’t smiling.

So, for this blog post, I picked the waist up photo.

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