Bikinis, Ebony/Black Women

Ebony Bikini Booty Pic

Black woman wearing a black bikini in Sanford, Florida.

This was my second time attending this bikini contest. It takes place in Sanford, Florida.

I wasn’t the hired photographer. Because of that, I brought my pocket camera with me.

I wouldn’t recommend pocket cameras for this kind of event. They’re slow when it comes to capturing immediate action.

A bikini contestant is walking past in front you. You press the camera’s button. Yet, the camera is slow taking the picture. When it finally does, the contestant has already passed by.

Despite my camera’s limitations, I did manage to gain this Ebony booty shot.

In Lightroom, I cropped around her as tight as I could. Then, I used the histogram to gain contrast.

I’m happy with the pic.

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