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Three July 4th Babes

Three nightclub women dressed in July 4th costumes.

Like the blog title says, I photographed these three beauties on a July 4th. All three worked at the Orlando nightclub I used to photograph for.

The woman on the left is Trinidadian. She was a VIP bottle lady.

The woman in the middle is Irish/Italian. She was the shots woman.

The woman on the right is Puerto Rican. She was both a VIP bottle lady and a bartender. As time passed, she became a bartender full-time.

Oh yea, the Puerto Rican wanted to make sure I included her booty in the pic.

This has always been one of my favorite pics; a Black woman, a white woman and a Latina on July 4th.

As the three women wear their costumes, I find the pic an appropriate way of showing America’s beautiful diversity.

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