Costumes, Halloween, Selective Color

Yoda Holding His Dick

A Yoda costume in Downtown Orlando.

Every Halloween night, costumed people walk around Downtown Orlando. Most can be seen walking on Orange Avenue. At least, they walk in the section blocked off from traffic.

In 2006, I saw a guy dressed as Yoda. His costume also had a big green dick. A smiley face was at the head of the dick.

I photographed Yoda as he passed by.

Towards the end of the night, I photographed him again. He and another guy dressed as Batman were walking in the middle of the street.

I called out, “Yoda!”

When he turned around, I aimed my camera at him. He then gave me the pose you see in this blog post.

Recently, I used selective color. I made the whole photo black and white, as Yoda’s dick remains green.

I’m happy with the results.

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