blondes, Costumes, hats

Blonde Wearing a Crown

It was another night at Manikins Lounge, located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. As I photographed, I noticed a blonde wearing a crown.

I say “crown”. Yet, I think the proper word is “tiara”.

Anyway, as I attempted gaining her attention for a photograph, she was always talking to friends. I wanted to photograph her only, not her friends.

I forgot to mention the Blonde was also wearing a banner. I didn’t pay attention to the words on it. Yet, I assumed it was her birthday.

Towards the end of the night, I managed to gain her photo. Because I didn’t get the words on the banner, it wasn’t the photo I wanted. Yet, I was satisfied.

After uploading on Facebook, the photo gained attention. The reason? Folks are trying to figure out the tiara and banner. Was it her birthday or was she in a contest?


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