blondes, hats

Fuck Doll Hat

As I photographed Manikins’ patrons, a young lady’s hat caught my attention. On the hat were the words “Fuck Doll”.

During this night, many of the goth and punk patrons attended an event in another city. The event happened at The Castle in Tampa, Florida. Ybor City to be precise.

Manikins is in Sanford, a two hours drive from Tampa. Because The Castle is a Central Florida goth Mecca, I thought about all the missed photo opportunities of folks dressed in goth clothing.

At Manikins, I found the opportunity to photograph “Fuck Doll”. She was with a guy. So, I photographed both of them together.

Later on in the evening, I saw “Fuck Doll” sitting at the bar counter. That’s when I told her I wanted to photograph her hat.

Usually, I’m just happy with getting a decent pic. Yet, this photo was beyond decent. I thought it was one of the best photos I had ever taken.

The red lipstick and tattoos adds more flavor. They both match with the hat, giving a risqué underground look. The type of photo conservatives would pitch a fit about.

The next weekend, I ran into “Fuck Doll”, again. After gaining her email address, I sent her a copy of the pic.

Through emailing, I learned her name was Rose.

There I was that night thinking about photo opportunities in another city. Let alone, a city that was a two hours drive away.

Still, I gained one of my best photos i had ever taken in my own town.

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