Goth Group Portrait

Last week, it was Friday the 13th. On this night, one would expect Sanford’s Manikins to host a theme night. Manikins always hosts costumed theme nights.

Yet, a theme night wasn’t scheduled on Friday the 13th.

Seeing this, David Vargas and his friends created a theme night, anyway. The theme? Killers and Victims.

On this night, folks either dressed as a killer. Or they dressed as a victim.

David is a patron I featured in a previous blog.

When he saw me enter Manikins, he gathered all of his friends. The plan was to photograph everyone on Manikins’ back patio.

I expected a few folks to show up. I’m thinking five to ten people. Yet, instead, about thirty-five people showed up on the patio. All of them appeared to be young goths under thirty.

I say “goth”. Yet, instead of wearing dark clothing and makeup, many of these young folks prefer dressing up as characters. The costume wearing just happens to be on Manikins’ goth nights.

I took two photos of the group. I prefer the second one, the pic you see on this blog post.


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