Booty, Costumes, Latinas/Hispanic Women

Iron Maiden and Booty

One Friday night, I was photographing patrons in Sanford’s Manikins Lounge. Towards the end of the night, two Latin women showed up.

One of them remembered me photographing at another nightclub. At that same spot, she was a go-go dancer.

When she showed up in Manikins, I photographed her. I blogged about that in a previous blog.

In that blog, I didn’t mention what happened later on. The two women started dancing around Manikins’ stripper pole.

As this happened, Michael Smash walked up. Michael is a Manikins regular. Almost every time he attends the spot, he wears a mask.

The mask is of Eddie, rock group Iron Maiden’s mascot. Eddie is the zombie-looking character on every one of Iron Maiden’s album covers

So, as I started photographing the women, Michael posed as if he was observing booty.

Oh yea, let me point out Michael is Puerto Rican. So, of course, he’s going to observe Latin booty.

I only took one pic of the funny scene. That was all I needed.


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