DJ Paul Vaine

Every Friday and Saturday night, DJ Paul Vaine releases the tunes at Manikins. Manikins exists in Downtown Sanford, Florida.

Paul’s DJing dates back to Orlando’s 1980s goth and punk scene. Back in 1987, I first heard him at the now-closed Visage.

It was the first time I heard the industrial beats of Skinny Puppy. One of my favorite bands.

On Friday’s goth night, Paul tries keeping the music dark. On this night, one would hear goth, dark wave and industrial music.

Saturday night is WTF. Anything goes on this night. From disco, 80s hip hop, metal and Latin freestyle. Of course, 80s alternative is included, also. Whatever song the patron requests, Paul usually plays it.

The photo you see on this blog was taken recently. I took two shots. Because it includes Paul’s DJ equipment, I prefer my first pic.


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