Pope Francis and Booty

Last Saturday, things got crazy at Downtown Sanford’s Manikins. Every weekend, I photograph the patrons.

Towards the end of the night, patrons tossed a balloon around in the air. As this went on, DJ Paul Vaine threw an inflatable cow on the floor. Then, blow up dolls were thrown on the floor.

Folks went wild. Dolls and other inflatable objects were thrown and thrashed around.

In past blogs, I talked about blow up doll parties. One was Two Blow-Up Dolls. The other was Brunette Holding Blowup Doll.

On this night, I noticed Pope Francis pasted on the wall. I tapped a woman on the shoulder, someone I photographed before.

When the woman looked at me, I pointed at Pope Francis. Then, she walked over to Pope Francis and gave me the booty pose you see in this pic.

This is eerie. I wanted this type of pose, but I wasn’t expecting it. This lady knows me too well.


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