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Latina Wearing A Spiked Collar

The title says Latina. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was Indian. Or a non-Hispanic biracial woman. I saw her in here before. This is at Manikins in Sanford, Florida. The first time I noticed her, she wasn’t wearing leather pasties. A shirt covered her breasts. This night was different. I was hesitant at… Continue reading Latina Wearing A Spiked Collar

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12 Bikini Pics

In previous blogs, I posted bikini pics. Some pics are recent. Some pics are from the past. Also, some pics contain Black women. Some contain white women. One contains a Puerto Rican woman. Also, a few pics contain booty. To see a pic individually, click on it.

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Smiling Latina Wearing Shades

Back in the 2000s, pool parties took place at a Downtown Orlando hotel. I only attended a few. At one event, I became fast friends with some dude. As I stood in a balcony, he approached the woman in the pic. He spoke some words to her. Then, he pointed up at me. I had… Continue reading Smiling Latina Wearing Shades

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Sexy Latina Wearing Bikini

Some years back, I used to photograph pool parties. These Orlando events included DJs playing breaks dance music. I ran across this Puerto Rican cutie at the last event. Actually, I ran across her several times before at previous events. Sometimes, I saw her at events held in Downtown Orlando nightspots. On this day, I… Continue reading Sexy Latina Wearing Bikini

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Hot Latina Wearing Carolina Panthers

This was during Super Bowl 50. It was the Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos. Sundays was the nightclub's Latin night. The sexy lady in the pic danced those nights. Actually, she's Latin and Italian. Previously, I included a photo of her in a Christmas blog. For those that don't know, the Broncos beat the… Continue reading Hot Latina Wearing Carolina Panthers

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Blonde’s Deep Cleavage Diving

As you see the two women, you don't see the two guys they were with. First, this scenario was instigated by the blonde. Yet, the two dudes continued encouraging them. I photographed the ladies three times. What you see now is the third pic. There's an interesting thing about this photo. I used to photograph… Continue reading Blonde’s Deep Cleavage Diving

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Cleavage Display by Smiling Black Woman

This is another pic I showed before. I remember this young lady as very friendly. I thought I heard a Caribbean accent. Yet, I wasn't sure. After I photographed her, I took a selfie with her. I didn't expect the kiss on the cheek. She came with three other women. I photographed her posing with… Continue reading Cleavage Display by Smiling Black Woman

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Brunette’s Boobies

I was walking in the nightclub's lobby. The Brunette saw me with my camera. For those that don't know, I once photographed for a Downtown Orlando nightclub. The Brunette stood in front of me. Then, handed me this unexpected pose. Her holding her boobs. I'm actually a booty man. Still, I can appreciate nice boobs… Continue reading Brunette’s Boobies