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My Shitty Financial Situation

I hate writing blogs like this.  Some folks get the impression you’re whining. Or you’re being weak. Plus, I don’t like people knowing my personal business. Yet, I know some friends would want to know about my recent bad luck.  So, what has been going on in my life?  Back in August, I was laid… Continue reading My Shitty Financial Situation

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Latina Wearing A Spiked Collar

The title says Latina. Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was Indian. Or a non-Hispanic biracial woman. I saw her in here before. This is at Manikins in Sanford, Florida. The first time I noticed her, she wasn’t wearing leather pasties. A shirt covered her breasts. This night was different. I was hesitant at… Continue reading Latina Wearing A Spiked Collar


Hurricane Ian Floods Sanford’s Lake Monroe

Last month, Category 4 Hurricane Ian raged through Florida. I live in Sanford, Florida. Nothing bad happened to the house I currently live in. The morning after the hurricane, my uncle Linwood drove us to the riverfront. As he video recorded with his phone, I took mostly photos with my mine. Days later, I drove… Continue reading Hurricane Ian Floods Sanford’s Lake Monroe

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Jesus Christ Behind Black Woman on Stripper Pole

Last weekend, I was photographing inside Downtown Sanford’s Manikins Lounge. Towards the middle of the night, the young lady you see in the pic started swinging on the bar’s stripper pole. She brought a small audience with her containing other women. As she danced, the women cheered her on. Of course, I started photographing the… Continue reading Jesus Christ Behind Black Woman on Stripper Pole


Favorite Florida Bar Hit by Covid-19 (includes past pics)

Back in 2018, I used to hang out at Kiwi's Pub and Grill, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Mostly, I went there for trivia nights. Plus I enjoyed the food and service. Because I no longer live in the area, I don't go to Kiwi's anymore. Still, imagine my surprise when I found out the… Continue reading Favorite Florida Bar Hit by Covid-19 (includes past pics)


A Selfie with Wrestler Amber Nova

Wrestler Amber Nova and Me Recently, I photographed the Orlando Beer Festival 2018. During my photographing the event, I happen to run across this cute female wrestler.  I asked for a selfie. During the first attempt, I held my iPhone. The second time, she held the phone.  I liked her pic better. Next, with my… Continue reading A Selfie with Wrestler Amber Nova