Photo Books for Sale

Nightclub Womenz:

Blogger King Bob buying two books.

For two and a half years, I photographed a Downtown Orlando nightclub. Those photos are in my second photo book Nightclub Womenz.

In one photo, a sexy Ebony woman is dressed as Ms. Green M&M. Another sexy Ebony woman is dressed as The Punisher. Both Ebony and Latina women are posing their booties for the camera.

Also, we see an early photo of rapper Cardi B.

Like the previous book, poetry is also included.  Poems include me wanting to be Spider-Man.  Yet, a white classmate tells me I can’t be Spider-Man because Spider-Man isn’t black.

Another poem includes an English teacher with a nice butt liking my poetry.

Then, there’s me abusing alcohol while photographing for the nightclub.

The book provides humor, escapism, and booty.

$10.99 on Amazon. Click on pic below to purchase.

Three Orlando Nightspots:

My beautiful friend Whitney holding a book she purchased.

For six months, I photographed three nightspots in Downtown Orlando: Aero, The Patio and 64 North. All I cared about were the women photos.

This inspired me to create my first book Three Orlando Nightspots.

Pictures include women kissing other women on the cheek, a woman flipping two birds and a woman wearing a Wish You Were Beer t-shirt. A Latina aims her booty at the camera.  Also, while wearing a veil, a bachelorette poses while holding booze.

Poetry is also included. Poems include an alcoholic black out, women requesting booty pics and getting over a broken romance.

The book provides escapism, humor and a taste of craziness.

$10.99 on Amazon. Click on pic below to purchase.