Costumes, Halloween, Selective Color

Yoda Holding His Dick

Every Halloween night, costumed people walk around Downtown Orlando. Most can be seen walking on Orange Avenue. At least, they walk in the section blocked off from traffic. In 2006, I saw a guy dressed as Yoda. His costume also had a big green dick. A smiley face was at the head of the dick.… Continue reading Yoda Holding His Dick

Costumes, Halloween

Spider-Man Watching Exotic Dancer

Back in the early 2000s, I photographed events Knock Knock, a now-closed Downtown Orlando spot. One Halloween night, women danced in a wooden cage. They took turns. After one woman danced a for a while, another would replace her. When I saw Spider-Man observing the action, I took the photo you see in this blog… Continue reading Spider-Man Watching Exotic Dancer

Ebony/Black Women

Smiling Black Lady Wearing Swimsuit

Back in 2007, I attended a pool party in Downtown Orlando. Actually, this was the second one I attended. It happened during Labor Day Weekend. On this day, some dude and I became quick friends. With my camera, I followed him around. I photographed him as he posed with various women. After he posed with… Continue reading Smiling Black Lady Wearing Swimsuit

Ebony/Black Women

Black Woman Wearing Shades

Back in the 2000s, I attended a few pool parties in Downtown Orlando. At one event, some dude and I became quick friends. With my camera, I followed him around as he posed with various women. After his posing with them, I would photograph the women by themselves. This cutie was one of them. I… Continue reading Black Woman Wearing Shades