Blonde Blowing Christ Image

Good ol’ alcohol. It makes you do crazy things! Things like simulating a blow job on a Jesus Christ image. That’s exactly what happened two weeks ago at Manikins located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. On a small stage, there exists a stripper pole. Plastered on a wall, a Christ image exists next to the stripper… Continue reading Blonde Blowing Christ Image

Brunettes, Three Orlando Nightspots Women

Bachelorette Partying in a Bar

I spotted her hanging out with other ladies. I had photographed bachelorette gatherings before. Yet, at the time, I didn't remember ever seeing a bride-to-be wearing a bridal veil. This cutie was the first. I photographed her twice. Both times, she posed almost the same. The pic you see here is the first one. This… Continue reading Bachelorette Partying in a Bar