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Ebony Booty and the Devil

Two weeks ago, I was photographing in Manikins Lounge. The place is located in Sanford, Florida. I think the theme night was Angels and Demons. Fetish happened that night also. The whipping post is usually inside. This night, I saw it outside on the back patio. Sometime during the evening, the Ebony booty in the… Continue reading Ebony Booty and the Devil

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Jesus Christ Behind Black Woman on Stripper Pole

Last weekend, I was photographing inside Downtown Sanford’s Manikins Lounge. Towards the middle of the night, the young lady you see in the pic started swinging on the bar’s stripper pole. She brought a small audience with her containing other women. As she danced, the women cheered her on. Of course, I started photographing the… Continue reading Jesus Christ Behind Black Woman on Stripper Pole

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Black and Latina VIP Women Praying

A stage exists in the nightclub where these two VIP women worked. A DJ booth sits on this stage. Also, VIP areas exist around the DJ booth. That's where I photographed these two. First, I took solo shots of them. I photographed the bottom woman (Puerto Rican and Dominican) first. Then, I photographed three shots… Continue reading Black and Latina VIP Women Praying

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Ebony Booty Pose in the VIP Area

This hot thing hung around a friend of mine. A middle-aged dude who always accompanied young women. Because I'm middle-aged myself, I wasn't mad at him. (I hear you, player.) Middle-Aged Player and his crew always hung out in one of the VIP areas. Usually, one located on the left side of the nightclub. I… Continue reading Ebony Booty Pose in the VIP Area