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Ebony Booty and the Devil

Two weeks ago, I was photographing in Manikins Lounge. The place is located in Sanford, Florida. I think the theme night was Angels and Demons. Fetish happened that night also. The whipping post is usually inside. This night, I saw it outside on the back patio. Sometime during the evening, the Ebony booty in the… Continue reading Ebony Booty and the Devil

Ebony/Black Women

Young Dreadlocks Black Woman

Last summer, I photographed a house music event at Orlando's Grape and the Grain. As I photographed the event, I noticed the pretty young lady in this pic. Here she is sitting and chatting with friends. During this, I tried sneaking a candid shot. For those that don't know, candid photos involve people unaware of… Continue reading Young Dreadlocks Black Woman

Ebony/Black Women

Two Black Women Sitting Backstage

In this nightclub, DJs are on a stage. I ran across these two ladies behind the DJ area. The one on the right used to work for the nightclub. I photographed the ladies twice. The first pic contains a head and shoulder shot. The second contains full body. For this blog post, I prefer the… Continue reading Two Black Women Sitting Backstage

Ebony/Black Women

Two Black Women in Nightclub Lobby

I ran across these two beauties in the nightclub's lobby. I think I might have photographed one of them before. At this moment, I don't remember. I took three pics. The first two pics were full body. Another woman was in the third pic. The third pic was also full body. For this blog post,… Continue reading Two Black Women in Nightclub Lobby

Ebony/Black Women

Two Sexy Backstage Black Women

In this nightclub, the DJs are located on a stage. VIP areas are on the stage, too. To reach the stage, you walk through a small hallway. The hallway leads to some stairs. The stairs lead you to the stage. I photographed these two sexy ladies in the hallway. I took two pics. Both were… Continue reading Two Sexy Backstage Black Women

Ebony/Black Women

Two Young Black Women with Curly Hair

This isn't the only time I photographed these two in this nightclub. I don't remember if the other pic is either before this one or after. Anyway, on this night, I photographed the two cuties twice. In the first pic, some dude was in it. The second pic, I took a full body shot of… Continue reading Two Young Black Women with Curly Hair

Ebony/Black Women

Two Black Girls Hugging

The one of the left I remember photographing on previous nights. On this night, I photographed these two ebony cuties four times. All four pics were full body. Yet, when I focused on the first pic, I decided to crop. I liked the idea of seeing these two hug. Not in some freaky way. I… Continue reading Two Black Girls Hugging