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Ebony Booty and the Devil

Two weeks ago, I was photographing in Manikins Lounge. The place is located in Sanford, Florida. I think the theme night was Angels and Demons. Fetish happened that night also. The whipping post is usually inside. This night, I saw it outside on the back patio. Sometime during the evening, the Ebony booty in the… Continue reading Ebony Booty and the Devil

Booty, Ebony/Black Women, fetish

Black Dominatrix in Action

Some weeks ago, Manikins Lounge hosted a fetish night. Manikins is located in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Doing the evening, I ran across a Black dominatrix. I knew of Black dominatrixes. But I never saw one in action. Later on, a friend volunteered to be whipped. Boy, have times changed. A Black woman whipping a white… Continue reading Black Dominatrix in Action

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Jesus Christ Behind Black Woman on Stripper Pole

Last weekend, I was photographing inside Downtown Sanford’s Manikins Lounge. Towards the middle of the night, the young lady you see in the pic started swinging on the bar’s stripper pole. She brought a small audience with her containing other women. As she danced, the women cheered her on. Of course, I started photographing the… Continue reading Jesus Christ Behind Black Woman on Stripper Pole

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Black Purple Rain T-Shirt

Every year at Orlando's Lil Indies, an event centered around Prince happens. Throughout the whole evening, DJ BMF plays Prince videos and videos of artists associated with Prince. In past events, Prince impersonator Sir Jac showed up. At one event, he changed clothing several times, all dressed as Prince. This event always happens on or… Continue reading Black Purple Rain T-Shirt

Ebony/Black Women

Black Woman Sitting Backstage

On the nightclub's stage, behind the DJ, some folks sit at pub tables. That's where I met this smiling cutie. I forgot how many photos I took. Also, I can't find the original file for this pic. More than likely, I photographed her twice. In case the first photo screws up, I usually photograph at… Continue reading Black Woman Sitting Backstage

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Black Woman Wearing Blue Denim Shirt

She was one of the older women in the nightclub. Being a middle-aged dude, that's why I never forgot this chocolate beauty. I took two pics. The first contains her holding up her drink. Also, she's smiling. It's a nice pic. Yet, I have a huge problem with it. Some dude was standing too close… Continue reading Black Woman Wearing Blue Denim Shirt

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Young Black Woman Wearing Braids

This was the only pic I took of this braided beauty. I was on the nightclub's stage photographing. I photographed the DJ, people in VIP areas and the hired dancers. Then, I ran across this pic's smiling subject. I never knew the deal of the woman behind her. Was she hiding from the camera? Oh… Continue reading Young Black Woman Wearing Braids

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Curvy Black Woman Wearing Green Dress

I ran across this beauty on the nightclub's stairs. During this moment, I photographed her twice. Both pics included her two friends. The second pic is what you see on this blog post. In this pic, one of the friends wasn't looking at the camera. The other one was. Still, I didn't like the whole… Continue reading Curvy Black Woman Wearing Green Dress

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Smiling Black Woman Wearing Chains

On this night, I photographed this ebony beauty six times. Two of them were of her alone. One was with her and two friends. The last three were her and one of the security guys. As for the photos of her, I first photographed a full-body pic. Next, I photographed from the knees-up. I like… Continue reading Smiling Black Woman Wearing Chains