Brunette Holding Blowup Doll

Every Saturday night, Manikins hosted sex doll nights. Around twelve, sex dolls were thrown out onto the dance floor. Zebras and other blow up animals are thrown onto the dance floor, also. One night, I noticed a brunette on the dance floor, a person I had photographed before. Along with the other folks on the… Continue reading Brunette Holding Blowup Doll


Brunette Spread-Eagled on Stripper Pole

If I remember correctly, I think brunette in this pic insisted I photograph her. Earlier, she was swinging on the stripper pole before. This was at Manikins Lounge in Downtown Sanford, Florida. For some reason, as she swung on the stripper pole, I didn’t photograph her. Oh yea, I remember now. Her and I didn’t… Continue reading Brunette Spread-Eagled on Stripper Pole

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Tattooed Brunette Bikini Contestant

Last month, I judged a bikini contest at a local Harley-Davidson. I didn't expect to be a judge. I was there to photograph. The woman in the photo won. After the contest, a friend of mine was talking to her. During that time, I asked her can I photograph her. As you can see, she… Continue reading Tattooed Brunette Bikini Contestant


Is This Brunette Photographing Booty?

Normally, I don't photograph candid photos. At least, not like I used to. Still, I couldn't resist photographing this scenario. On this night, I photographed patrons as usual. As I continued photographing, I noticed these two on my right. They were at the edge of the dancing area. More like in the corner of the… Continue reading Is This Brunette Photographing Booty?

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Two Brunettes Dancing

This is another one of my dance floor pics. As I photographed folks on the dance floor, I ran into these two young ladies. Don't let the "suburban look" fool you. They were partying to hip hop music. Gotta love photos like these, tho. One person looks at you while the other person turns their… Continue reading Two Brunettes Dancing

Brunettes, Three Orlando Nightspots Women

Two Peace Signs

This was my only pic of her. Usually, I take two pics. I do this in case the first pic comes out crappy. Yet, this brunette cutie stopped. Gave me this pose with two peace signs. Then, that was it. She was gone. I didn't need to take a second pic. This picture is from… Continue reading Two Peace Signs

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Brunette’s Boobies

I was walking in the nightclub's lobby. The Brunette saw me with my camera. For those that don't know, I once photographed for a Downtown Orlando nightclub. The Brunette stood in front of me. Then, handed me this unexpected pose. Her holding her boobs. I'm actually a booty man. Still, I can appreciate nice boobs… Continue reading Brunette’s Boobies