Booty, Ebony/Black Women

Ebony Burlesque Booty Pic

Every year in Orlando, the art event Nude Nite happens. On this particular night, I tried bringing my camera in. Nope, cameras were not allowed. That was okay. I still had my iPhone. With my buddy Kelvin, I watched this young lady perform burlesque. I forgot her name. With the iPhone, I took six shots… Continue reading Ebony Burlesque Booty Pic

Booty, Brunettes

Booty Pic of Brunette Burlesque Dancer

I first showed this pic on a fetish event blog. A friend hosted a fundraiser at his house. He was raising money for his company and him to attend Fetish Con. Throughout the night, three different women performed a solo burlesque routine. Lexi Katt, the woman in this pic, was my favorite. On this night,… Continue reading Booty Pic of Brunette Burlesque Dancer


Photos of Mister Pierre’s Kinky Fetish Con Fundraiser 7-29-2017

Two Saturday's back, I attended Mister Pierre's Kinky Fetish Con Fundraiser. Mister Pierre's Fetish was raising funds to attend the upcoming Fetish Con in September.  Enjoy the pics. To see a pic individually, click on it. Lita Laroux. Lexi Katt. Auroura Fable. That Broad. (Art in the background by Kelvin Arias.)