Various Races of Women

Booty Bumpin’ Catholic School Girls

Back in the early 2000s, I used to hang out at Knock Knock. Knock Knock was a nightspot located in Downtown Orlando. At the time, I still photographed using film. I hadn't moved onto digital photography yet. Once a month, Shine Salon hosted School of Hard Knocks. During these events, women dressed as Catholic School… Continue reading Booty Bumpin’ Catholic School Girls


Booty Pic of Two Pajama Party Women

I think this was 2002. I was still photographing with film. Actually, I was using Polaroid 35 mm film. On this evening, Shine Salon hosted a pajama party. Wait a minute, I remember now. The party happened at Shine Salon, but it was hosted by non-Shine Salon people. The hosts were two women the owner knew.… Continue reading Booty Pic of Two Pajama Party Women


Booty on Bar Counter

In the middle is my friend Tanya. The location is Knock Knock, a now-closed Downtown Orlando spot. Once a month, at Knock Knock, Shine Salon hosted an event called School of Hard Knocks. During these events, women dressed like catholic school girls. School of Hard Knocks happened at Knock Knock in the early 2000s. This… Continue reading Booty on Bar Counter


Big Booty Jewish Girl

Oh, where do I begin? I think at the now-closed Knock Knock in Downtown Orlando. Usually, I don't mention names. Yet, I don't think Jen would mind. I always saw Jen at events hosted by mutual friends. Some events were at Knock Knock. Others were parties at Shine Salon. For a while, I considered Jen… Continue reading Big Booty Jewish Girl