Nightclub Womenz

Two Girls Kissing in Nightclub VIP Section

A VIP section in an Orlando nightclub.

I think this is how it went. The guy was talking to the two women.

I knew the guy. He was in the nightclub all the time. A nice fellow. Yet, I never knew his name.

The nightclub’s DJs are on a stage. Near the DJs are VIP areas. A VIP area is where this action was taking place.

The guy walked away for a moment. During that time, the woman on the right wanted me to take a photo.

Right when I ready my camera, the women started kissing. Then, right at that moment, the guy walks up behind them. When I saw the shocked look on his face, I immediately zoomed out my camera lens to include him and the kissing ladies. Then, I snapped the photo.

This pic is in the photo book Nightclub Womenz.


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