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Light-Skinned Black Bottle Girl

VIP bottle in Orlando nightclub's balcony.

Yea, this is a cropped photo. The rest of this pic sucks. It involved three black bottle girls of different hues.

(For the record, I am using the word “girls” for SEO purposes.)

One woman wasn’t ready for the pic. Her face looked awkward. The other woman showed love handles. She had a nice booty. Yet, the love handles were distracting.

So, I cropped around the bottle girl on the end. Truth be known, this pose surprised me. I had photographed her before. Yet, she had never shown this side of her.

She was always quiet. In fact, I never heard her speak.

Now, here she is smiling and giving me an excellent booty pose.

I guess that old saying is true. It’s always the quiet ones.

This pic is included in my photo book Nightclub Womenz.

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