Kodak Black’s Prison Sentence Commuted by Trump

During his final day in the White House, Donald Trump pardoned seventy-three people. Plus he commuted prison sentences to seventy other folks. In other words, those seventy folks’ sentences may either be reduced totally or partially.

Rapper Kodak Black received one of those commuted sentences. In August 2019, he pleaded guilty of knowingly making false statements while attempting to buy firearms from a federally licensed arms dealer. For that, he received a 46-month prison sentence.

So, why is a photo blog writing about Trump commuting Kodak Black’s prison sentence? Well, for one, Kodak Black is a native Floridian like yours truly. He was born in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The second reason? Back in 2016, I photographed Kodak Black during an Orlando performance. This was at Orlando’s The Beacham. Back then, he didn’t have the dreads he wears now.

After his performance, I followed some of his fans outside. There they took selfies with him.

I had to tell people I needed a photo of him. After me saying that, Kodak Black looked at me. Then, he nodded his head in agreement.

Kodak Black sitting inside an auto behind Orlando's The Beacham.

Update: On January 20, Kodak Black was released from prison.

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