Ebony/Black Women, Selective Color

Covid Mask Wearer

Biracial (Black and Danish) woman wearing covid mask.

Some months back, at Orlando’s Will’s Pub, a memorial was held for musician Jim O’Rourke. Due to the ongoing covid pandemic, all attendees were asked to wear masks. If you didn’t have a mask, one was provided for you.

That’s where I ran into Erin Nolan, our dear friend in this blog post’s photo.

(In a previous blog, I featured her husband.)

When I aimed the camera at her, Erin posed for me. I photographed her twice. The first pic is what you see on this post.

At home, I decided to use selective color. The mask and shirt remains in color. The rest of the pic transforms into black and white.

I loved the pic so much, I asked Erin’s permission to use it for a book cover.

She allowed it.

This photo is in my book Selective Color. Available on Amazon.

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