Brunettes, Cool T-Shirts

Hellfire Club T-Shirt from Stranger Things

I don’t know the young lady’s name. I’m referring to the one wearing the T-shirt. I see her every Saturday night at Manikins in Downtown Sanford, Florida. Many times, I would see the blonde, also.

I photographed them several times before. Just like I have seen the brunette climbed on another woman’s shoulder before.

On this night, when Kate Bush”s “Running Up That Hill” came on, she climbed on the blonde’s shoulders. I started photographing the action.

At the time, I didn’t put two and two together. It was only after I finished editing photos at home, I realized what T-shirt the brunette was wearing. She was wearing a T-shirt from the Netflix series Stranger Things.

I forgot the Hellfire Club were the kids who played a Dungeons and Dragons-type game. (I used to play Dungeons and Dragons when I was a kid.)

For those who are still in the dark, Dungeon and Dragons was a role playing game from the 80s.

Because Kate Bush’s song constantly plays in Stranger Things, I guess that’s why the brunette climbed on her friend’s shoulders when the song started.

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